This Elderly Autistic Man Was Conned Out Of Nearly $2 Million Dollars: Now, His Neighbor Is Asking The Community For Help As He Rebuilds His Life

It was around this time when he finally opened up to Dudas.

“He described how much trouble he was in, how his bank account was empty, and how two lawyers were fighting over him,” Dudas wrote, “With the help of some friends, I did research which confirmed my worst fears.”

After Mopsik’s parents passed, Kristina Sawicki Galjour introduced herself to Mopsik as a lawyer. She had worked at Metairie law firm, which dealt with Mopsik’s property. While Mopsik was still grieving the loss of his parents, Galjour promised to take care of him. Well, Galjour ended up being a con artist who possessed several different aliases.

“Galjour quickly established herself as Lawrence’s power of attorney. Over time, she conned him out of his entire inheritance (nearly $2 million), coerced him to donate his grandparents’ home to her for no money, created a $65,000+ tax debt by taking large amounts from accounts, and got him into massive credit card debt,” Dudas explained.

Mopsik felt so broken. His health was declining rapidly, all of his bills were backed up, and he was often without food. He even told Dudas that he wished he was not alive.

Galjour ended up using Mopsik’s money to fund “lavish New Orleans parties, sponsor LSU football player’s families’ entire travel budget, vacations, membership dues, cars, dogs, artwork, and more.” Mopsik even had a Jaguar registered under his name; he does not drive.

“Galjour was flying high in New Orleans’ wealthy social circles, spending money Lawrence’s parents worked so hard to save for him so he would be safe after they passed,” wrote Dudas, “He will never get that money back from her. For Lawrence, every day became more devastating than the last.”

Finally, in December of 2019, Mopsik reported Galjour. After investigators pieced together this horrendous crime, Galjour was arrested and charged. Still, he will not recover any of his lost money in the near future.

“Galjour is sentenced to twenty years and was ordered to pay $1.3 million in restitution to Lawrence. While that sounds like justice, she spent the entirety of Lawrence’s money.

So, in order to get restitution, small amounts will be garnished from her paycheck when she is free and gainfully employed,” wrote Dudas.

In the meantime, Mopsik is in serious need of funds to support himself now. Following this criminal mismanagement of Mopsik’s money, all donations to the GoFundMe will go directly into a Special Needs Trust. This will ensure that any recovered assets of Mopsik’s cannot end up in the wrong hands again.

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