This Firefighter Lost Practically Everything When His Own House Caught Fire: Now He’s Asking For Help For Him And His Family To Get Back On Their Feet

“But, I have also reflected on the “irony” of a Firefighter’s house burning down and the fact that a man who is supposed to help during a fire – is now the one who needs help.”

“I have spent this time after our tragedy navigating the help my friends and colleagues have generously given.”

“Optimistically accepting whatever could be spared and thanking everyone for their time and support, all while trying not to ask for financial support, hoping that I could take this immediate help and bounce back.”

Although Terron tried his very best to put on a brave face, he and his family still could use a lot of help.

“I feel I have done my family a disservice by remaining prideful and taking us to the edge of poverty and debt,” Terron continued.

“All in the effort to seem “fine”. And remain a “strong man” who can take care of his family on his own. But that is a selfish thought that has hindered us instead of help us.”

“I am very sorry that I allowed pride to affect my decision-making in our most serious time of need.”

“A house fire is a heavy burden. Financially devastating in an instant. It takes SO much to recover properly. And even more to maintain a semblance of safety and certainty. We are overwhelmed. And I need to ask for help.”

Terron and his family are starting from square one with rebuilding their home, and they might not even have a proper one for another year or longer.

Terron created a GoFundMe page to help him and his family get back on their feet, and the money will be used for their housing, their utilities, their food, their loans, and to pay to replace the appliances, furniture, clothes, and other things they all lost.

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe page to help Terron and his family, you can do that here.

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