This Guy Bought His Ex-Wife A New Car And He’s Telling The Internet His Current Wife Is Mad About It

A man was married to his first wife, who is now his ex, for 16 years. Throughout their marriage, his ex-wife didn’t work and she stayed at home raising their kids.

They also tied the knot together when they were super young, so his ex-wife did not have a lot of experience in regards to holding down jobs.

Now, his ex-wife is in her 40s, and she is working as a waitress for a diner. She used to get alimony from him, but that stopped after she got married to someone new.

Recently, his ex-wife got divorced from her new husband, who really isn’t giving her anything financially, and she’s struggling.

“I have a lot of disposable income (likely more than people reading this would be willing to believe),” he explained.

“And she has no disposable income. She fell way behind on bills and reached out to me as a last resort.”

He revealed everything about his ex-wife’s situation to his current wife, thinking that she would feel bad for his ex and approve of helping out.

Well, his wife was very much not ok with him helping, and right after that conversation ended, his ex wound up in a really bad car accident.

“She had a hospital bill which totaled 77k,” he said. “And I paid that expense, along with buying her a new car.”

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