This Guy Bought His Ex-Wife A New Car And He’s Telling The Internet His Current Wife Is Mad About It

He then gave her some more so she could pay off the bills she fell behind on, and he also gave her money to cover all of her monthly expenses until she is able to get to a better place.

“My wife was pissed when she found out,” he continued. “She claims my ex needs to, “fend for herself”. But my ex is only in this position because she had to drop out to take care of our baby.”

“And ended up just staying home. When we split she didn’t have the credentials to make a living wage. I had quite literally no choice.”

“I told her It would be cruel to watch the woman who enabled me to get to where I am suffer.”

His wife absolutely freaked out on him, and she is refusing to say a single word to him.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“I can see how your current wife might be bothered by this, but at the same time she’s the mother of your child and you had the ability to help. Personally, I’d prefer my husband not to be selfish if this were a situation we were in.”


“When first reading, I was thinking “this woman is no longer your problem”, but it’s clear you still respect her as the mother of your child(ren?) and don’t want to see her suffer while you’re able to thrive.”

“She made sacrifices for you and worked hard as a SAHM, now you’re returning that by recognizing where her sacrifices got you financially. Good for you.”


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