This Man Says He’s The Reason His Ex-Girlfriend Is Currently In A Mental Hospital And He’s Asking The Internet If It’s Ok For Him To Still Be Furious With Her

A man says that he dated his ex-girlfriend for 4 years before calling things off for a pretty good reason. Or rather, he had several reasons behind ending things that make a lot of sense.

“The entire time she was very manipulative and cruel,” he explained. “She was physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive.”

“Every single time I tried to leave her she would threaten to harm herself. She ruined countless friendships of mine.”

“She once called child services on a friend simply because we were texting and talking about a video game, she also hacked my Facebook and pretended to be me and told several female friends really screwed up things.”

“She has crashed my brand new car on purpose simply because I didn’t buy her one. She also cheated on me several times.”

He continued to say that all of that is really just a tiny slice of the terrible things she did to him over the years that they were together.

At some point during their relationship, he did learn that she was diagnosed with multiple severe mental health issues, including PTSD, Bipolar disorder, and Schizophrenia.

Despite all this, he did his very best to be sympathetic towards her and he did his best to forgive and forget when it came down to the awful things she put him through.

However, they split up anyway last year, and he maintained that he had no problem being in her life as a friend, but romantically, they were over.

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