This Mom Doesn’t Like Her 16-Year-Old Daughter And She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Bad To Admit That

“My friend said I was a terrible person for feeling like that and no wonder my daughter treats me this way.”

She maintains that she’s never before revealed that she doesn’t like her daughter, and her friend is the only person who now knows her secret.

Her daughter has no idea how she feels, and neither do her other children. “I have never treated her differently to her siblings, I am always affectionate and there for her no matter what,” she continued.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“You love her but she’s a brat. It’s okay not to like that.”


“My mom and I are a lot closer now but when I was a teenager I absolutely hated her.”

“And we have had several conversations now that I am an adult and we actually get along extremely well and she has told me that when I was a teenager she hated me.”

“Understandable because I was an absolute rebellious brat. Not to the extent of your daughter but I was definitely a brat.”

“I will pay for that one of these days when I have kids lol. But it’s okay to think that. You love her because she is your kid but I completely understand how you are feeling.”


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