This Poor Dog With A Broken Leg Was Locked In An Attic To Starve But Thankfully A Young Woman Found Her

Palmerton, Pennsylvania. It was Friday, October 8th, when a young woman named Jamie George made a horrifying discovery while cleaning out a home in Carbon County, Pennsylvania that had been abandoned.

Locked inside of the home’s attic, Jamie found a starving dog that was nothing but skin and bones.

This poor dog was covered in her own waste, in addition to fleas. There was a water bowl found along with her in the attic that had long since been empty.

The dog was missing some of her fur, most likely from chewing it off due to how badly she was itching, and both of her ears were infected.

She had also broken off one of her teeth while trying to desperately escape from the attic.

Although this dog’s life clearly was a living hell, she was nothing but sweet and affectionate towards her rescuers.

Jamie’s sister-in-law Jami quickly stepped up to rescue her, despite knowing it would cost a lot of money to get this dog the proper medical attention she had been denied for so long.

Facebook; pictured above is Jami with Remi

Jami named the dog Remi, and a vet said that Remi is most likely only a year or two old.

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