This Teen Sent His Dad’s Girlfriend’s Daughter A Message On Instagram And He’s Telling The Internet His Dad Is Mad At Him For Doing That

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“That’s why Instagram is a public platform. So you can search for people you met. It’s not like he stalked her, or did shady things to get her phone number… he simply searched in a public database for her name, which she willingly and knowingly saved in this public database. She can delete her IG if it is such a problem that she can be found there.”


“Your intentions were nice, I hope. But also, consider she may not like that her mom is dating and you’re just a reminder of that to her.”

“Also, you might have come across like you were trying to hit on her. Your Dad shouldn’t have been upset though.”


“…You did nothing wrong. A couple questions though, is she upset about your parents dating? Does she think that you were trying to hit on her in some “what are you doing step sister” kinda way or did you explain that you were just looking to make a friend and nothing more than that?”

“Her reaction seems way over the top for just asking her if she had seen the movie yet.”

“I also don’t understand your dad’s reaction, why would he not want you two to get along? I’d think he would support that if he is in a relationship with her mother.”


“Yeah, it’s so weird. I’m a single father of a 16-year-old and if my new girlfriend had a daughter that was the same age as my son I’d be elated if they became friends. I see no benefit in my kid and my SO’s kid hating each other.”

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