This Teen Told Her Mom She Should’ve Given Her Younger Sister Up For Adoption And She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong Of Her To Say That

A 15-year-old girl has a sister who is 12 and has been diagnosed with several learning disorders and mental disabilities.

“She has the mentality of a 3-year-old and throws huge tantrums over everything,” she explained.

“My mom constantly makes me take care of her while she goes out to parties or hangs out with her friends.”

Several days ago while her mom left her home alone with her sister to run to a store, her sister had an enormous tantrum.

The tantrum was caused by her sister wanting to get fast food, which she obviously couldn’t go get for her, so her sister ended up ruining her room.

In the middle of destroying her things, her sister also stole more than $100 worth of things that she had paid for out of her own pocket.

“I still haven’t gotten the items back or money to replace them since my sister has over 400 dollars since she is obsessed with stealing money from my mom and others,” she said. “I told my mom about it and she did literally nothing to punish my sister.”

A couple of days after that incident, she invited one of her friends to her house to hang out, and when her friend left, her sister again threw another fast-food tantrum.

“My mom yells at me to go deal with her since I “had the privilege of hanging out with friends today” and that she “had to deal with my sister all day so it’s only fair that I deal with her now,” she continued.

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