This Teen Told Her Sick Mom She Won’t Take Care Of Her When She’s Too Sick To Care For Herself And She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong

A 19-year-old woman has 4 older siblings; all boys. Her brothers are 28, 25, 22, and 21-years-old.

“Just to give some background my mom has always loved being a boy mom,” she explained. “She dotes on them and made it very very clear she never wanted to and didn’t like having a daughter.”

“She never liked me and I accepted that a long time ago and her behavior towards me worsened when my dad left her.”

“When I turned 16, her gift to me was a list of jobs I can apply to, to “pay for my expenses” even though my dad was giving her child support.”

“Then at 17, she kicked me out because I wasn’t willing to pay more than $400 rent while my brothers didn’t even work.”

It’s been more than 2 years since she lived with her mom, and after her mom kicked her out of the house at 17 she never returned.

Anyway, her mom recently asked her to come to lunch with her a weekend ago, and she agreed to meet her mom.

During lunch, her mom revealed to her that she is very sick, and has been going to the hospital very frequently.

Her mom just learned that she only has a year or a year and a half at best left until she will be unable to care for herself due to being too sick and weak.

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