This Teen Told Her Sick Mom She Won’t Take Care Of Her When She’s Too Sick To Care For Herself And She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong

“She asked when that time came if I’d be willing to be her caretaker as she didn’t want men, aka my brothers, to take care of her in that state and didn’t want a stranger to either,” she said.

Well, she straight up told her mom that she’s not willing to take care of her at all. She also mentioned it was time for her to begin finding another person who wants to take care of her.

Her mom went back to her brothers and let them know what her answer was, and now her brothers are upset.

Her mom also made a post on Facebook saying she does not care about her mom, and she’s being flooded with messages from her mom’s friends accusing her of being terrible things.

She’s been called self-centered and cold-hearted, to name a few of those things.

Her dad and her dad’s family are on her side here, but she can’t help but feel like an awful person. She’s left wondering if she truly is so terrible for not wanting to care for her mom.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“You don’t owe her anything. She has four children she has invested in, you aren’t one of them. She can get her return on her investment through her precious boys.”

“Deactivate Facebook, change your number if you have to: focus on your success and survival because if you don’t no one else will.”


“She reaped what she sowed, and by not developing and maintaining a close mother/daughter relationship with you she’s lost out on being entitled to what that may allow her.”

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