She RSVP’d No To Her Best Friend’s Wedding Since She Is Marrying An Abusive Partner

A woman’s best friend is getting married and she was invited to the wedding! This would typically be a time for celebration, right? Well, this woman disapproves of her best friend’s boyfriend.

“I think he is an abusive partner from the behaviors I have seen and how he has treated my friend since their relationship started two years ago,” she said.

Her friend’s partner had been cheated on in his previous relationship, so the woman does not believe he is over it.

“Since my friend started her relationship with him, she cannot have male friends. So, she had to stop speaking to and remove all male friends on social media.

He also made her delete all social media besides Facebook where their relationship can be clearly linked,” the woman said, “She cannot even go for a drink with her coworkers after work if a male coworker is there.”

These restrictions sound more like parenting a child than a partnership. Still, the man does not stop there.

“Their phone locations have been shared since the very early days, she rarely sees her friends; and, when she does, she is disengaged/always texting,” the woman added.

Apparently, if her friend takes too long to reply, her partner will “freak out.”

Despite all of these requirements, the man has still accused her best friend of cheating on him multiple times. And, there was never any evidence.

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