This World Champion Cheerleader Suffered A Life Altering Spinal Injury: Now, She Is Inspiring Countless People With Her Journey To Recovery

McKinney, Texas. On September 20th, Makayla Noble– a world champion athlete and student at Prosper High School in Texas– suffered a tumbling accident.

This accident caused a severe spinal cord injury and spurred fears that Makayla may never walk again.

Makayla led a highly successful cheerleading career. She began cheering at ten years old and has gone on to earn many titles: including the 2018 NCA National Championship and the 2019 Cheer World Championship.

She was also named High School All-American for three consecutive years.

An accident this severe would likely devastate anyone, let alone a sixteen-year-old athlete of Makayla’s magnitude. Still, throughout the recovery process these past two months, Makayla and her family have remained faithful.

Facebook; pictured above is Makayla

Makayla’s mom, Jenn, created a Facebook group called Makayla’s Fight and a website immediately following the accident.

On both platforms, Jenn posts daily “Mak updates” on her daughter’s day-to-day journey. You can also learn more about Makayla outside of her accident.

For example, her favorite place to eat is Chipotle, her favorite color is purple, and she loves listening to Tame Impala.

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