This Young Couple Was Told The Only Way They Could Have A Baby Was Through IVF And Their Community Quickly Came Together To Help Them Come Up With The Money To Grow Their Family

New Richmond, Wisconsin. Since 2018, Lindsay has experienced two heartbreaking miscarriages, and during this time, doctors found that her husband, Dan had stage 1 testicular cancer.

Thankfully, doctors were able to treat him without drastic measures like radiation or chemotherapy through early detection (these therapies can interfere with male fertility, so the couple luckily did not hit this roadblock).

Unfortunately, efforts to improve Dan’s fertility through medications were not successful, and the couple continued to struggle to conceive naturally.

Doctors recommended IVF and gave the couple until February to save up for the expensive process.

But then there was a cancellation; they could have their first consultation in just a week! However, this left them scrambling to come up with the funds.

IVF could be their only way to get pregnant, and they had to turn to the internet community for help. Their friend, Ashley, set up a GoFundMe, and it received a tremendous response.

As many hopeful parents know, the IVF process is highly time-consuming, painful, and expensive. The fundraiser explained the costs in detail for potential donors:

“Money raised will go towards medications, multiple monitoring appts, travel expenses, retrieval costs, and transfer, as well as storage fees for embryos to be used in the future. It is a very expensive, emotional, and exhausting process and we hope to be able to at least lift some of the stress, as they journey down this road to parenthood.”

GoFundMe; pictured above are Dan and Lindsay

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