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You Can Buy A Mini Fridge For Your Beauty Products And Here’s What Kind Of Makeup You Should Keep In There

I recently learned that it’s actually a good idea to keep some of your beauty products in a fridge!

It’s not that practical to stick them in among your vegetables and whatever else you keep in your regular-sized fridge, but it is practical to pick up a mini one like this one below from FaceTory.

Weighing in at just seven and a half pounds, this lightweight and portable mini fridge even comes with a little door to conveniently store your facemasks.

It’s also a beautiful shade of coral pink, which is pretty neat.

So what kind of makeup or beauty products should you even keep in the fridge?

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This first one might seem obvious: eye gels or creams should be stored in the fridge since if they’re cold, they help reduce any swelling around your eyes much faster.

Lipstick is another beauty product that does best in the fridge because if it’s not kept cold it does break down, separate, and can change color from what the original shade is.

Mascara and liquid foundations also do best when kept cold, since they do have expiration dates.

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