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You Can Buy A Mini Fridge For Your Beauty Products And Here’s What Kind Of Makeup You Should Keep In There

Some people notice the consistency of their liquid foundations changing after keeping it in the fridge for a few months, but since the FaceTory mini fridge keeps the temperature at 16 to 20 degrees colder than the room it is in, I don’t think this is drastic enough to affect your foundations.

Nail polish should also be kept in the fridge, and if you think that’s kind of surprising, just wait. When you expose your polishes to the sun or any kind of heat, it can get gloopy and ruin.

Perfume is another beauty product that does best in the fridge; just like with nail polish, if you expose your perfumes to heat or sunlight, it breaks it down faster and also alters the way it can smell.

You can get the FaceTory mini makeup fridge here on Amazon for $89.21

If you’re looking for one that’s more affordable, here’s a cute white one that’s on sale for just $46.73.

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