12 Years Ago This Teen Was Diagnosed With Autism And She’s Telling The Internet Her Parents Never Told Her

She got very upset about that and yelled that she wished they had been more honest with her about everything. She also called them “secretive jerks” and got grounded for it.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“It’s actually super common for parents with autistic children to just pretend like the diagnosis isn’t there.”

“Because of their own pre-existing stigma, they’re in denial and you’re being stuck with the consequences.”


“Go public. Call your family doctor and tell them. Talk to your school counselor. Call other family members, post it on social media.”

“You need to light a fire under their arses, this is so unacceptable. Can’t imagine your anger at the injustice I’m so angry myself right now. They can’t deny it if everyone knows.”


“I also have ASD and I wasn’t told until age 11 because my parents didn’t think I would understand at any earlier age.”

“However, they still took me to various therapies and got me an IEP for school. They wanted to treat me like other children, so they still put me in a bunch of activities and forced me to socialize with other kids as much as possible, but they still also recognized when I needed help and got it for me when I needed it.”

“Your parents are so wrong for essentially denying your diagnosis and just allowing you to struggle as you have.”

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