3 Siblings Tragically Pass Away After Being Hit Head-On By A Driver Going The Wrong Direction

Katie hopped on a plane to rush to her family’s side, and she quickly realized that her siblings were not at the same hospital that her mom Dawn had been taken to.

After calling around, she found a hospital that had a young woman that had been in a car accident but nobody knew what her name was.

Katie rushed to the hospital to see if this young woman was one of her siblings.

“When the nurse met us, he asked me to describe my sister and informed me that the young female there had expired,” she explained on a GoFundMe page.

“We eventually were led to the room where they unzipped my sweet baby sister’s body bag and revealed to me her perfect face.”

“Yes, that’s Kamryn. I immediately called my dad to let him know it wasn’t Lindy, as we had thought. It was the baby, it was our baby, Kamryn.”

The nurse then helped Katie find Christopher; he had been taken to Bunkie General. When Katie wondered if her brother was alive, the nurse gave her the sad news that he had passed away.

“The world stopped turning when he shook his head no,” Katie said. “No? My baby brother isn’t alive? There are no words to explain that moment. He then proceeded to tell me the young blonde who was driving was still at the scene because they were unable to extract her from the vehicle.”

“And just like that, we went from one sibling didn’t make it, to all three of them not making it.”

The nurse then told Katie that she would have to go to Bunkie General to identify her brother Christopher, so she began driving there.

“I drove, what seemed like 97 million hours to Bunkie. I did not feel like I was in control of my body as I walked into the third hospital of the night,” Katie continued.

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