7 Years Ago She Disappeared In The Middle Of A Difficult Divorce, Leaving Her 3 Beloved Children Behind And Her Family Knows Something Terrible Had To Have Happened To Her

State College, Pennsylvania. 48-year-old Jennifer Cahill Shadle was a mom of three children living in State College, Pennsylvania.

Jennifer was kind-hearted, fun-loving, incredibly caring, and gentle. She was full of compassion and love for everyone.

She was passionate about art and film, and she know a lot about each topic. She adored being a mom, and her three children were so very important to her.

On the afternoon of May 15th, 2014, Jennifer headed to the State College Walmart located on North Atherton Street.

“She had just talked with one of her daughters on the phone about a new bank account she had opened in preparation for her divorce after a difficult marriage,” Jennifer’s family wrote on a Facebook page created for her.

“Jennifer’s husband had filed for divorce and the process was coming close to finality. Jennifer stayed with family outside of Centre County, but returned to the State College area in late April to be closer to her children”.

“She was last known to stay at the Roadway Inn in State College in early May before her disappearance.”

Facebook; pictured above is Jennifer

Though Jennifer was temporarily living in a hotel, she was only doing so to remain close to the children that she adored.

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