A New Study Found That Assessing Infants For Autism Spectrum Disorder Between Nine And Twelve Months Is Invaluable For Intervention Efforts

Researchers believe that parents can begin intervention efforts much earlier and have a higher likelihood of success by being aware of this developmental window.

Abigail Delehanty, the Program Director of the Language Disorders and Autism Clinic at Duquesne University, said, “Intervention studies for infants between nine and twelve months are beginning to emerge and this study provides rationale for getting started supporting communication development prior to the first birthday, as infants with ASD exhibit fewer social-communication behaviors and make fewer gains during this time.”

Amy Wetherby, the Director of the Autism Institute in the College of Medicine, agrees with Delehanty.

She said, “If a parent or caregiver is aware of differences in social communication, they can learn how to use intervention strategies that create opportunities for social interaction and communication development early on.”

Wetherby believes that this form of early intervention could even potentially shift the developmental trajectory of infants with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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