The Story Of The Tiny Rescued Owl Who Was Discovered Stowed Away Inside Last Year’s Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree After It Arrived In NYC

New York, New York. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is one of the most exciting parts of celebrating the holidays in New York City.

The tradition first started back in 1931, while Rockefeller Center was still in the process of being built.

Workers who were part of the enormous construction project decided to put their money together to buy the tree, which they then decorated with things their families had made.

In the years that followed, a Christmas tree continued to be purchased and decorated for the center.

The trees got bigger and more popular as the years went on, and in 1951 NBC put the tree lighting on TV (it didn’t become a regular broadcast occurrence until 1997 though).

Last year, the Norway Spruce sitting in Rockefeller Center was selected from Oneonta, New York, and it came with an unexpected surprise.

A small owl was discovered inside the tree after it arrived in New York City.

Facebook; Ravensbeard Wildlife Center shared the above photo of the small owl after he was found

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