After A Night Out, She And Her Best Friend Wound Up Dead When They Were Drugged Against Their Wills Then Dumped In Front Of Different Hospitals By 3 Men

Hours later, Christy and Hilda wound up being dumped by the men in front of two separate hospitals in California.

Sadly, Christy was already dead when she was tossed out onto the pavement of the hospital’s sidewalk area.

Two hours after Christy’s lifeless body was dumped, Hilda was left in front of another hospital in a different part of town, and she was close to losing her life.

The hospital Hilda was left near was able to revive her, but she was declared brain dead and on November 24th was taken off of life support.

Three men dumped the young women off, and they made sure to wear bandanas to cover their identities.

They also completely removed the license plate of the car they were in to further obscure who they actually are.

Instagram; pictured above Christy snaps a selfie while horseback riding on the beach

“The men are claiming they did things willingly,” Christy’s family wrote in a Facebook post.

“Christy texted Hilda at 5:30 “Let’s get out of here,” Hilda said yes! Getting an Uber- UBER WAS CALLED… LAST THING either woman did… Uber arrived 5 mins later waited for 5 minutes-NEITHER girl ever came out or responded to the Uber arrival notification or anything else EVER!”

“My daughter had “Read Receipt” on her text messages and after 5:48am NO TEXT was ever opened- she did not respond- NOT until around 5-6 PM was my daughter’s lifeless body was DUMPED on the sidewalk in front of a hospital- they removed the tag on the car- had their faces covered with Bandannas and mask!”

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