After Experiencing Migraines And Nausea, She Was Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor And Now She Needs To Have Brain Surgery In February

Downey, California. Last September, a young woman named Jazlin began experiencing nausea, migraines, mood issues, terrible fatigue, vision problems, and hot flashes.

All of the symptoms initially started to happen to Jazlin infrequently, but then things got worse and Jazlin started experiencing her symptoms several times each day.

At the time that she first went through this, Jazlin was trying to complete her graduate degree and keep up with a full-time job.

Due to the fact that she didn’t have health insurance, she went to a naturopathic doctor, who performed some tests and bloodwork.

The results of that showed that something concerning, and that doctor told Jazlin she really needed to undergo an MRI.

Jazlin was able to secure medical insurance, and then she went in for multiple doctor appointments where she had to go through more tests and bloodwork.

“The MRI results revealed a tumor in her pituitary gland,” Jazlin’s best friend Deira Villamil wrote on a GoFundMe page.

“The tumor is growing and putting pressure on her optic chiasm (behind the eyes) which could result in complete vision loss.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Jazlin

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