After Experiencing Migraines And Nausea, She Was Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor And Now She Needs To Have Brain Surgery In February

“In addition, this tumor has caused her to be infertile which has been emotionally challenging since she desires to conceive someday.”

“After meeting with an endocrinologist, she was placed on medication with the hope to shrink the tumor. Unfortunately, the medication had several adverse side effects and only made her feel worse.”

Now, Jazlin has to undergo brain surgery, which is scheduled for this upcoming February.

“Jazlin is a resilient woman, loving sister, caring friend, and dedicated behavioral therapist,” Deira said.

“Those who have met her, know she has a passion for giving back to special needs individuals like her brother Johnny.”

“She is adventurous, courageously authentic, and a go-getter. We are eager to see her in good health and spirits again.”

If you would like to help donate to help with Jazlin’s medical bills, you can do that here.

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