After His Daughter Passed Away, This Dad And Disabled Veteran Devoted His Life To Keeping His Community Safe From Dangerous Reptiles Like Rattlesnakes

“He has a section of his house dedicated to keeping these creatures alive and healthy until springtime weather allows him to re-home them away from civilization.” Brandon shares.

“Yes you read that correctly, Bill will keep dangerous animals in his home through the winter months to protect families that call on him for help.”

Brandon has a deep appreciation for Bill’s work, even though he has never required these services.

With the help of GoFundMe, Brandon also hopes to raise funds as well as awareness for the importance of Bill’s work, which takes the energy of a full-time job.

“I have seen his name tagged all over Facebook and I know he is potentially saving hundreds of pets, children, and loved ones from being hurt or even potentially finding themselves in an early grave.”

Brandon has also made an incredibly generous gesture to support Bill’s future work in their community.

“I am personally going to match the total of all donations up to 5,000 dollars, so please help me in making this process easier for our very much needed and very much appreciated friend Bill Schumacher.”

Post military service, Bill continues to protect and serve those around him, saving both human and reptile lives in the process.

You can read Bill’s story or donate to the GoFundMe here.

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