After She Went Missing, Her Car Was Found Abandoned And A Strange Woman Used Her ATM Card: 24 Years Later We Still Don’t Know What Happened To Her Or Where She Is

Petaluma, California. It was April 28th, 1997, and 38-year-old Janie June Coe left her home in Petaluma to bring her three young children over to see their dad.

Janie’s children were going to spend the night with their dad at his house in Marin County before coming home the next day to be with Janie.

The following morning, Janie headed to a job interview for a cosmetic company. Janie had recently lost her job at a local retirement home, and she was really experiencing a rough patch in her life after that.

It seemed things were turning around for her though with this promise of a new job.

Janie completed her interview, which involved two hours of training, and then she arrived back home at her house that sat on Penrod Drive.

One of Janie’s Friends saw Janie arrive home after her interview, and this friend also later told the authorities that Janie had been in a wonderful mood.

State of California Department of Justice; pictured above is Janie

Later that day Janie’s children came home to an empty house. Janie was nowhere to be seen, and none of her friends or family members had heard from her.

Janie’s cat who she had for 16 years was in her house, as were all of her belongings. She also had not taken her glasses with her, or one of her contacts, and she was unable to drive without them.

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