At Her Boyfriend’s Sister’s Baby Shower, An Aunt Accused Her Of Ruining The Whole Thing And Now This Teen Is Asking The Internet If She Really Did Anything Wrong Here

She replied that it wasn’t likely, but that if it did happen she would go through with terminating her pregnancy.

The aunt was horrified and insisted she wouldn’t feel like that if she actually had a “life growing inside” of her.

She said she really didn’t want kids, but the aunt would not drop this topic. Even after she went back to playing with the children, her boyfriend’s aunt followed her.

“My BF’s aunt asked ‘I thought you didn’t want kids’ I reinforced that I didn’t and she brought up that I was really good with the kids at the party, I explained wanting kids and being good with kids are two different things,” she continued.

“She then told my BF that I need to leave and I ruined the party because of my opinions and what I said while she was ‘making conversation.’ My BF said we’d both leave since his aunt was out of line.”

Several days later, her boyfriend’s dad revealed to her that the aunt said she would never like to see her ever again.

She’s left wondering if she somehow did something wrong by honestly answering the questions she was asked at the baby shower.

She ended up contacting her boyfriend’s sister to apologize if she made her upset in any way, but her boyfriend’s sister said it wasn’t her fault; their aunt just does this to everyone.

She’s now working with her boyfriend’s dad to throw her boyfriend’s sister a new, smaller baby shower that should be drama-free.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“The party is only ruined if the person the party is thrown for has a bad time.”

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