Fall Is Ending, But These Movies Will Let You Hold Onto It All Year Long

Mystic Pizza (1988): This film is the pinnacle of east coast vicarious exhilaration—running around with teens and 20-somethings as they hang by the docks, wear chunky fall sweaters to the planetarium, and take rides through the fall foliage in a handsome young man’s convertible.

Through all the rainstorms and heartbreak, we’ll still have friends and the saving grace of a warm pizza to help our heroines through.

If you’re more into a good autumn cry, try these touching favorites.

Good Will Hunting (1997): In a sentence: Boston in the fall, the start of a new school year, and undiscovered genius.

When put together, these elements make the perfect formula for instant nostalgia, deep emotional exploration, healing, and the importance of mentorship in turning corners in our lives.

Dead Poet’s Society (1989): Another film centered on mentorship and academia, Robin Williams again delivers a stunning performance as an inspiring English teacher with a deep belief in the power of the written word.

Nothing feels like fall quite like a new school year, the smell of wet leaves and secret meetings in the backwoods of the school grounds.

Despite the tragedy of it all, we can still count on this film to bring us back to a time of youthful discoveries, new growth and change, and the loss of summer’s innocence with the falling leaves. 

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