For 2 Years She’s Been Sick And Doctors Aren’t Sure What’s Causing This But Her Sister Is Hoping They Can Figure It Out Soon So She Can Be Home For Christmas

Chico, California. For the last 2 years, a young woman in California named Theresa has been struggling with being sick, but doctors aren’t sure what’s causing this at all.

Sadly, since October she’s been in the ICU at Shasta Regional Hospital, while doctors still work to figure out what is going on.

Her little sister Becca says that her symptoms include bloating that’s so bad she appears pregnant, severe pains in her stomach, and issues with eating some foods.

“…With every doctors visit she’s been given another “maybe” but no real answers,” Becca explained on a GoFundMe page.

“The diagnosis that has made the most sense recently was Crohn’s disease which is defined as “a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract”, but there have not been adequate tests to confirm it.”

“After many visits, her doctors prescribed her prednisone which is a mild steroid and that’s where the medical bills began piling up.”

“After her first dose of the medication she ran out of money between her visits and her normal everyday bills and she wasn’t able to refill her prescription and the pain began to worsen.

She was doing everything she could to keep going to work and get on top of expenses so she could afford to go see her doctor again and when she finally did, he called for a surgery to remove a mass in her intestines early in the morning on October 26th.”

GoFundMe; pictured above are Theresa and Becca

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