For 2 Years She’s Been Sick And Doctors Aren’t Sure What’s Causing This But Her Sister Is Hoping They Can Figure It Out Soon So She Can Be Home For Christmas

Before Theresa went in for her surgery, she was hoping this would solve all of the pain she was experiencing.

Her family rallied around her, confident everything would go well while looking forward to Theresa returning to the happy and healthy young woman that they knew before she became ill.

Although the surgery seemed to go smoothly and Theresa returned home, not long afterward, Theresa wound up in an ambulance on her way to the hospital.

Doctors discovered that she had sepsis due to some complications that happened from her surgery, and the infection was very terrible. She was in critical condition.

After arriving at the hospital, she was then airlifted to Shasta Regional, and Theresa has been there for over two months now.

She has also been on a ventilator since she arrived at Shasta Regional, and she has undergone more surgeries and more tests.

“While she’s been there they’ve been treating the infections while still trying to confirm or deny if she even has Crohn’s and they’ve had to perform multiple surgeries and blood transfusions just to keep her alive,” Becca said.

While all of the nurses and doctors treating Theresa have been wonderful at communicating with her family, it’s still been an emotional rollercoaster for them with some days holding good news and others bringing nothing but the bad.

Becca and Theresa’s mom has frequently driven the three hours from their home to Shasta Regional to see Theresa since she was re-hospitalized. She has stayed strong and has held it all together for their family, but everything really hit her hard when Theresa couldn’t be there with them all for Thanksgiving.

“She’s been doing a good job at keeping her composure and acting okay for the rest of us but you could really see the toll all of this was taking on my mom when Thanksgiving came around and we were all in our homes enjoying dinner while her oldest daughter was laying in a hospital bed alone almost three hours from home,” Becca continued.

Becca went on to say that she and her siblings all moved out of their mom’s house not too long ago, and so money has been tight for them all.

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