He Accused His Wife Of Ruining Christmas Fun For Their Kids And He’s Telling The Internet She’s Acting Like He’s The One Who Ruined Everything

When he came home the other day, he saw his son Kai in tears, with his wife attempting to speak with him.

Kai was sobbing that he absolutely hates Christmas and no longer wants to be part of the holiday.

He then cried about how his mom would not allow him to place gumdrops on the roof of his gingerbread house.

He once again said something to his wife about this, and he felt things were really getting out of hand.

In response, his wife just told him that Kai wasn’t allowed to put the gumdrops on the gingerbread house because it just looked bad and like a mess.

“For me, I kind of lost it a little,” he revealed. “I told her to stop being ridiculous. Let the kids have their fun.”

“My wife says she’s just trying to get them in the Christmas spirit so they can enjoy and I told her “No all you’re doing is ruining it for them.”

His wife called him a jerk because she somehow thinks what she is doing is making Christmas great for them.

He totally gets that Christmas is important to his wife, but he dislikes the fact that she’s been forcing the kids to decorate the way she thinks is best.

There’s no room for his kids to be creative and have a good time. On top of that, now his sons have completely stopped helping with any decorations, which is making his wife feel bad.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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