He Bought A House With His Wife And Just Found Out That His Ex Is Their New Neighbor: He’s Seriously Concerned That Once His Ex Knows This She’s Going To Do Something For Revenge

While he was in a relationship with Jane, he met Anna at work. He and Anna got very close as friends, and after they both hit some tough times in their lives, they grew closer as they supported one another.

Jane was very upset by the fact that he was growing close with Anna, and she accused him of cheating on her even though he did no such thing.

Jane still didn’t believe him and gave him an ultimatum; he had to pick her or Anna. He did reveal to Anna the ultimatum that Jane gave him, and without him knowing, Anna got a hold of Jane.

He has no idea what Anna said to Jane to this day, because Anna has refused to tell him, but Jane freaked out after Anna said what she did and kicked him out of their place.

Since he didn’t have anywhere to go, he went to stay with Anna, and things progressed into more than a friendship from there.

“And to not help the situation at all, Anna, my wife of 4 years, mother of my children and the cause of said misunderstanding, is incredibly insecure and jealous, especially of Jane, because of how everything went down,” he said.

“I made the mistake, once during a verbal fight of voicing my regret of losing Jane for her.”

“I apologized, but since then every time something goes the tiniest awry, I’m reminded that “I could always go to Jane instead since she’s sooooo much better.”

He and Anna saved so hard to be able to afford their new house, and since the market is insane right now, it took them forever to even find a place within their budget.

Their new home was supposed to be a fresh start for them, but it looks like it’s going to be a disaster once Jane finds out they live next door.

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