He Bought His Girlfriend An $800 Bag For Christmas And He’s Telling The Internet He’s Being Accused Of Causing His Girlfriend To Have A Seizure Over It

A 28-year-old man is dating his girlfriend, who is 25-years-old, and his girlfriend has gone through a pretty tough time this past year.

A decade ago, she was diagnosed as having epilepsy, but lately, the seizures she has been experiencing are getting much worse.

His girlfriend’s doctor recommended that she take time off from her job as a nurse at an animal hospital while they try to get everything back to a manageable place for her.

Given the fact that he has a great job, he has been the one paying for all her bills so that she can take the time needed to get better.

Although this was an incredibly kind gesture, it made his girlfriend sad because she does not like to depend upon anyone but herself, and she’s since spiraled into a depression.

Anyway, because of everything his girlfriend has been going through, they both decided not to give gifts for Christmas since his girlfriend doesn’t have any money.

“But after such a crap year, I felt like she deserved something and I decided to go all-in and buy her a Coach bag,” he explained.

“I spent $800 on it and I’ve been hiding it from her for two months. I thought she’d be over the moon but this morning I finally surprised her with it and she literally broke down crying and then started yelling at me.”

“She told me that I was purposely trying to make her look like a s*** partner because she can’t afford to buy me anything and then said that I was treating her like “sugar baby” which I thought was completely ridiculous.”

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