He Bought His Girlfriend An $800 Bag For Christmas And He’s Telling The Internet He’s Being Accused Of Causing His Girlfriend To Have A Seizure Over It

“I told her she was being dramatic and it’s just a bag, she should be happy. This argument went on for about an hour before she told me and I quote, “shove the bag up your a**.” and then she called her sister to come to pick her up and take her to her parents.”

He has been dating his girlfriend for 6 years now, and they have previously spent every single Christmas together…except this one.

He’s been extremely distressed all day over the bag incident, and he tried multiple times to call his girlfriend but she would not pick up his calls.

Eventually, he decided to text her sarcastically saying thanks for such a great holiday. It’s easy to see why he’s so upset and why he finally sent that not-so-nice text.

“Around an hour ago, my girlfriend’s sister called me to tell me that my girlfriend had a bad seizure and she had to be taken to hospital and then her sister tried to blame ME for it because I “stressed her out,” he said.

He’s so angry about all of this, and on top of everything, he cannot go to visit his girlfriend at the hospital since they are not permitting visitors at all.

“This is the worst Christmas ever and it’s all because I bought my girlfriend a present,” he continued.

He’s honestly thinking he might be a jerk here, but he was just trying to do something nice for his girlfriend this Christmas since she has had such a tough time this whole year.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“I was on your side in the beginning until the text.”

“Your girlfriend is clearly going through a very stressful time and is not processing her emotions appropriately. This doesn’t give her the right to take it out on you, though.”

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