He Just Got Married And Found Out That The Woman He Was Previously Hooking Up With Might Have Given Birth To His Baby

A 29-year-old man recently got married to his wife around 3 months ago. 2 years ago though, they decided they would have an open relationship to try something new.

He and his wife had been with one another since they were back in high school. He was the first boyfriend that his wife had ever had, and his wife was the first girlfriend he had ever been with, so they thought that going out with other people would help them prior to deciding to settle down.

During the time that he and his wife were in an open relationship, he started seeing two women. One of those women he hooked up with for around half a year.

“It was a casual FWB thing and then when my wife and I decided to get engaged I stopped seeing her,” he explained.

“She knew I was in an open relationship the whole time so she was cool with that. Her mom somehow managed to reach me.”

“I think she told her mom who I was but what my ex didn’t want me to know is that she got pregnant.”

“She didn’t want me to know. Her mom said it’s because she felt bad to bring this into my life after we parted ways and I was engaged already.”

His former friends with benefits is really struggling with depression and has some other personal things that she is dealing with on top of that. She also tried to hurt herself and is currently in the hospital.

The mom of this woman who he used to hook up with reached out to him weeks after the baby was born.

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