He Offered To Pay For His Sister’s Wedding Since He’s Extremely Wealthy But After His Stepsister Asked Him To Do The Same For Her, He Refused

“So, my sister decided to get married earlier this year and I paid for the whole ceremony, it cost around 80k in total.”

The money wasn’t a problem for him at all, since he’s so wealthy it was easy for him to pay for it. His sister was thrilled with her wedding, and that’s what makes him the happiest.

This month, his stepsister is having her wedding, and she actually had the audacity to call him up and ask that he pay for her wedding too.

“I refused, why would I pay for her wedding? But then my mom called me and said that I shouldn’t discriminate between my two sisters, like wtf? I only have one,” he said.

“Mom says that since my step sister and her fiancé are not very well to do, I should help them. I told her that just because I paid for my own sister’s wedding it doesn’t mean that I would pay for the wedding of the daughter of the guy she left us for.”

His mom accused him of being “petty” but his dad and his sister fully agree with his position on paying for his stepsister’s wedding; or rather, his decision not to.

How would you deal with this?

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