He Spent Years Waiting In A Shelter Until She Came Along And Gave Him A Loving Home: Now That He’s Been Diagnosed With Cancer She’s Doing All She Can To Continue To Give Him A Wonderful Life

Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hayes is a pit bull living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his mom Lauren Swartley.

Lauren first met Hayes at the Capital Area Animal Welfare Society back in 3013. Hayes had spent years there waiting in the shelter for a loving home, and Lauren was the one who finally gave that to him.

“Against my parents’ advice, I took him into my home,” Lauren explained on a GoFundMe page. “Not only were my parents and my friends skeptical of “pit bulls”, but I was too!”

Hayes was suffering from heartworm, so Lauren got him treated and was planning on just fostering him while he got better.

“After undergoing his treatment, I continued to fall more in love with him and enjoyed educating people about the breed each time we would go in public,” Lauren said.

“Eventually, I adopted him and continued to push for the stigma surrounding pit bulls to become a thing of the past.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Lauren with her dog Hayes

“I created my pet sitting business, Lend A Paw, to help animals just like Hayes – the ones that get overlooked time and time again in the shelter.”

“I’ve since fostered and adopted other pit bulls and made it my life’s work to promote education about adopting, volunteering, and proper animal care.”

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