He Thinks His Very Fit Girlfriend Has A Fat Fetish And Is Purposely Trying To Make Him Fat

“If we went out to dinner she would order appetizers and deserts and not even touch them and I would end up eating them all.”

His journey to losing weight failed, and he packed on more pounds. The weird thing was; the more weight that he gained, the more his girlfriend was attracted to him, and the more she wanted to be intimate.

In the last half of the year, he’s gained more than 50 pounds, and his girlfriend can’t keep her hands off him now.

While they’re intimate she calls him things like “fatty” and a “fat piece of s***”, which is beginning to make him feel demeaned.

“I’ve expressed to her many times how those comments feel but she always dismisses it like it’s no big deal and it’s my fault for not having more self-control with my diet,” he continued.

“I almost feel like she doesn’t even care about me as a person and I’m just some…object she uses to fulfill some weird fat kink she has.”

Their relationship has also evolved into them not spending any real quality time with one another. He sees his girlfriend several times every week, and when he does, she just drops by his home and brings him pizza and donuts.

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After they’re intimate, she just leaves, and he’s left feeling pretty taken advantage of, which leads him to binge eating.

He’s feeling conflicted about his relationship and isn’t sure if he should leave her, or continue dating her.

“I know at this point if we break up there is no way a skinny attractive girl like her would want to date me because I’m very obese now,” he concluded.

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