He Told His Girlfriend That Their Friends Don’t Like The Parties She Throws And He’s Asking The Internet If Maybe There Was A Better Way To Say This To Her After She Accused Him Of Ruining Her Night

A 28-year-old man has a girlfriend the same age as him who absolutely adores throwing high-end parties for their circle of friends.

His girlfriend is super into throwing these parties, and while he does like that about his girlfriend, he thinks their friends aren’t “the right guests” for her kind of parties.

“We have a beautiful apt,” he explained. “It’s old with high ceilings and dark wood trim. It’s nice AF compared to what most people our age have.”

“We spend days getting ready. Cooking, cleaning, decor, cocktail list and ingredients, candles. She loves high-effort gathering. I do too… sometimes.”

His girlfriend only puts on these lavish parties and he thinks they should do more casual ones and reserve the lavish parties for maybe once or twice a year.

He personally feels uncomfortable when he goes to someone else’s house for a party and everything is over the top, and he knows their friends feel the same way.

When their friends come over, he thinks he can “feel it in the air” that they are uneasy with how fancy his girlfriend’s parties are.

He has tried to bring this up to his girlfriend before, but she insists that her friends understand that’s just something she enjoys doing and they don’t mind.

The other night, however, when some of their friends came over for the most recent party that his girlfriend threw, one of their guests made a comment that left him without any doubt in his mind that his girlfriend needs to take it easy on the parties.

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