Her Boyfriend Bought Her An Engagement Ring And Has Been Promising All Year To Propose To Her But She’s Worried That’s Not Going To Happen Since The Year Is Almost Finished

She made it clear that she would only make the move with him if he planned to marry her. She didn’t want to change her entire life for him without that kind of commitment.

Her boyfriend told her that they would absolutely get married, and he went out and bought her an engagement ring.

He promised this whole year that he would propose to her, but he never went through with proposing at all.

“Well, we had a mishap on New Year’s (we fought because he left me behind in a city I don’t know to go to his friends and then texted me the address to meet him there. All the while I’m in our Airbnb (we reserved it before knowing we were moving) with our dogs and not knowing where I was,” she explained.

“Next we finally got keys to our temporary home and nothing. My birthday on the beach, nothing. Start of fall and going to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard, nothing, thanksgiving, you guessed it, nothing.”

“I know he won’t do it on Christmas as I don’t want anything to go wrong on my favorite day of the year, i.e getting divorced and hating Christmas. So all we have is the first real snow day if it’s in December or New Year’s Eve”.

“We’ve had several fights through the year about this because I feel like he is dragging his feet on it.”

She feels terrible for constantly bringing up the proposal so frequently, but this was supposed to be their plan and he was the one who said it was going to happen this year.


Her boyfriend was engaged once before her and has expressed some concerns about getting engaged again, but he also said that she is nothing like his ex.

“I know marriage is a big step but, considering we discussed having kids before I’m 30, him telling me he was ready to settle down when we met, and me relocating here with him it wouldn’t feel like sluggish,” she said.

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