Her Boyfriend Got Drunk And Kissed Another Girl While He Was At A Club

A 24-year-old woman has been dating her 25-year-old boyfriend for close to 5 years now, and they always had very clear boundaries concerning cheating.

She and her boyfriend had agreed to not flirt or dance with anyone else as part of those boundaries.

Several weeks ago, her boyfriend wound up at a club with his friends while she was on a plane back home.

Before she got on the plane, her boyfriend had agreed to get her at the airport the following morning.

Imagine her surprise then when her plane arrived at the airport and her boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

She sent her boyfriend a text, and he claimed that he was wasted from the previous night and could not come to get her.

She definitely was upset, as she had to shell out a lot of money on an Uber ride home.

Several hours after she made it home, her boyfriend sent her a message saying that he needed to tell her something.

“He said that he danced with another girl at the club the previous night and kissed her,” she explained. “I was shocked and in denial because honestly, our relationship has been going well. We hit a pretty good patch recently IMO.”

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