Her Boyfriend Got Mad At Her For Eating Christmas Dinner At His Family’s House And She’s Asking The Internet If She Did Something Wrong Here

A woman has been dating her boyfriend for around 7 months, and this Christmas, she went to her boyfriend’s family’s house for dinner.

“As a child whenever I was invited at people’s houses my mom told me it was etiquette to eat the food they made,” she explained.

“She would always tell me to put a considerable amount and eat all of it since it would be rude not to.”

“First, she said it would be wasting food and second it would seem as if I didn’t enjoy the food, which is mean since a lot of effort was put into making it.”

“I’ve always followed this rule and thought it was true. If I cooked a buttload of food and no one ate I’d be heartbroken.”

When she went to her boyfriend’s family’s house for Christmas a few days ago, she thought the dinner looked delicious.

She did put many things on her plate and ate everything. Her boyfriend’s mom noticed and asked her if she would like anything else, so she did accept a second helping of pasta salad.

Her boyfriend looked at her weirdly when she said yes to another serving, but she brushed it off.

Then it came time for dessert, and she did have a piece of cheesecake, followed by coffee with her boyfriend and his family in front of the fireplace.

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