Her Boyfriend Invited Her To His Family’s Christmas Party But Then Gave Her A Weird Excuse For Why He Had To Uninvite Her Last Minute

A 24-year-old woman has been dating her 25-year-old boyfriend for half of a year now, and one week prior to Christmas, her boyfriend invited her to come to his family’s Christmas party.

She was so excited to be invited, and she was sure that Christmas would be wonderful this year.

She picked out her outfit, she got everything she needed to make a thoughtful dish to bring to his family’s house, and she picked out a great present for her boyfriend.

“Two days before Christmas was coming, he just randomly sent me a message that he uninvited me to his family Christmas party because his cousin just got out from a long-term relationship, so it was best to uninvite me so she won’t feel depressed,” she explained.

“He said he would invite me to his family function for the New Year. I was upset cause he know that I was really looking forward to spending Christmas with him and finally meeting his family.”

Her boyfriend strangely figured she would be sympathetic for being uninvited so last minute over his cousin.

Christmas has been an incredibly sad time of year for her for the last 3 years, and she was so hoping this Christmas would be different.

That was her wish this Christmas.

“Here’s my background: Christmas is the saddest holiday since my fiancé had passed away during his deployment,” she said.

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