Her Boyfriend Saved Her Friend From Being Sexually Assaulted And Now Her Friend Has Feelings For Her Boyfriend

A 24-year-old woman is friends with a 22-year-old woman who got blackout drunk at a Halloween party this year.

While her friend was drunk, a guy tried to sexually assault her. Thankfully, her 23-year-old boyfriend was at this party and saw the other guy trying to hurt her friend, and her boyfriend was able to stop this guy.

Her boyfriend then called his mom to pick her friend up, and he carried her friend out to his mom’s car.

Her boyfriend’s mom drove her friend to their house while he was out with his friends, and in the morning, her boyfriend drove her home.

“My friend was heavily impacted by that, and hasn’t come out in a while (understandably) but we’ve met her a few times to hang out and the such,” she explained.

“But since then she has messaged my boyfriend just trying to chat almost every day. My boyfriend usually replies maybe once every 3 days (he’s a notoriously bad texter).”

“This did sort of bother me at first but I thought you know, maybe talking to him is comforting to her after what happened so I pretty much ignored it and didn’t let it bother me.”

“This is until yesterday. On boxing day my friend group had a get-together at my friend’s flat. We had some drinks, played party games, and did a secret Santa.”

She and her friends agreed to spend no more than $135 on their secret Santa gifts, but her friend bought a $514 Balenciaga hoodie for her boyfriend as a gift.

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