Her Boyfriend Saved Her Friend From Being Sexually Assaulted And Now Her Friend Has Feelings For Her Boyfriend

Everyone was stunned that her friend spent that much on her boyfriend, but her friend insisted it was to say thank you for what he did.

She was then annoyed by the fact that her friend was stuck to her boyfriend’s side for the rest of the party.

She tried to get over it and enjoy the party with her other friends, but later on in the evening, one of her other friends told her that this friend her boyfriend had saved revealed she had feelings for him after the attack.

She completely understands that what happened to her friend was terrible and that her boyfriend did rescue her, but she thinks there probably should be some boundaries with her friend in regards to her boyfriend.

She decided that the best way to handle this would be to have her boyfriend sit down with her friend to have a talk.

Her boyfriend asked her friend to meet him at a local coffee shop, and her boyfriend made it clear in a very kind way that he gets how her friend feels, but he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings.

“He also told her that her emotional response to him is just trauma bonding,” she said.

“She refuted this by claiming that she had feelings for him long before the incident, back when they first met but never acted on them.”

“That she only SAID that her feelings came after the incident so that people wouldn’t judge her/hate her.”

“My boyfriend told her that he wasn’t interested regardless, and she said that’s fine, but her feelings are real, and she has a right to speak “her truth.”

After that, she did try to reach out and speak to her friend, but her friend told her that she’s not sorry because she isn’t in control of how she feels.

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