Her Boyfriend Wants Her To Pick Up And Move To New York City For His Job But He Weirdly Doesn’t Want Her To Live In The Same Apartment As Him

“He also says I have known since day one he might end up living in a different city depending on where he got a job offer, so how could I expect him to propose after only 18 months.”

“While this is true, I also didn’t expect him to ask me to move while having the audacity to say we have to live separately.”

If this were a different situation than the one they find themselves in, she would be in agreement with him that it’s not ideal to live with one another prior to getting married.

She doesn’t even expect her boyfriend to propose at this point in time, but she thinks picking up her entire life and moving to New York City isn’t a normal situation, and she’s not comfortable with following through with this without some kind of commitment.

The bare minimum she expects in regards to a commitment is at least living together.

If she was not in a relationship with her boyfriend, she never would want to move to New York City, because she has a great job and is living somewhere that is pretty affordable so she can save a lot.

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Additionally, all her friends and family members live very close to where she is now.

“He says I am putting him in an impossible situation and that giving him an ultimatum is not the answer,” she said.

“I understand that if I decided to move, I would likely be moving to NYC after he starts his job, so I am not sure how us finding an apartment together after he already signs a lease would even work out.”

Her boyfriend insists that he loves her and thinks she could be the “future mother of his children.”

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