Her Dad Has A New Girlfriend That Not Only Looks Like Her But Is Also Close To The Same Age As Her And She’s Telling The Internet It’s Embarrassing

She believes how she feels is valid, and she thinks her dad is being the completely unreasonable one.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Your dad isn’t being simply unreasonable, he’s being selfish, ignorant of your feelings, and really, really gross for not only dating a woman a couple of years older than his teenage daughter but also for choosing one that could pass for his daughter’s twin.”

“He is failing as a parent by not making better choices (seriously, ew) and not seeing, validating, and taking into account your feelings whatsoever.”


“Okay first the fact that she’s 37 years younger than him is already enough to creep ANYONE out!! And then to invalidate your feelings I would ice him out.”


“Men that old dating women that young is gross.”

“Ask your dad if he’d be cool with you dating someone who is 56. If he says yes, set up a double date with one of your friend’s dad’s and your dad and his GF.”

“Obvs, your friend’s dad would have to be in on the prank, and not actually think you’re on a real date with him.”


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