Her Good Friend Just Got Engaged And She Knows That Her Ring Is Completely Fake, But She’s Struggling With Whether Or Not To Tell Her

A woman has a very good friend who recently got engaged, and her friend’s fiancé actually showed her the ring days before he popped the question.

Her friend’s fiancé came to the store where she works to show her the ring. When he arrived, she asked if she was able to take the engagement ring out of the ring box to see it.

Her friend’s fiancé said yes, so she opened up the box and pulled out the ring.

“As I’m taking a look at it, he starts telling me how expensive it is,” she explained. “He told me that it was his grandmother’s and it had been in his family for a long time.”

“He then told me he had taken it to a jewelry store to get it cleaned and appraised and that it was worth $10,000. But when I asked him about clarity, cut, and carat… he couldn’t tell me.”

“As I’m looking at the ring my alarm bells go off. The diamond looked foggy though it “had recently been cleaned and appraised.” There were marks/scratches on the “diamond” as well.”

“As soon as I get done looking, my friend walks in the door and I got her to take a look and without being asked about it, she pulled me aside and asked if it was fake because it looked like it.”

While she does not work as a jeweler professionally, she really knows a thing or two about expensive gems.

Her grandpa always purchased expensive jewelry for her grandma, and on top of that, one of her best friends has a dad that works as a jeweler, and her husband also enjoys purchasing jewelry for her.

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