Her Husband Blindsided Her With A Divorce And Ripped Their Young Son Away From Her: Now Her Friend Is Fighting To Reunite This Mom And Her Son

“Olivia is, without a doubt, a deserving, fully capable, and loving mother,” Samantha continued. “It is my sincere hope that she and her son are reunited with the greatest of speed.”

“Olivia and her husband had spoken multiple times in the past couple of years about separating, and on those occasions, Olivia suggested they pursue a collaborative divorce and then live near one another so their son could see both his mom and dad every day.”

“Then this happened, and Olivia was blindsided.”

“For a young child to have his mother suddenly and forcibly taken from his life without warning, and for him to be unable to see or contact her, is a profound and life-altering trauma that no child should experience.”

Samantha went on to say that Olivia is living a complete nightmare after being forcibly separated from her son.

Despite that, Olivia is trying her very best to come up with a solution that will work for her and her now ex-husband.

Olivia has dished out quite a money on legal fees already, and so Samantha is hoping to help her raise more money so she can be reunited with her son.

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe to help Olivia get her son back, you can do that here.

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