Her Husband Fed Her Dog Chocolate On Purpose To Kill Her And Her Husband Confessed Over Text To What He Did

A woman is currently living in Germany with her husband, and five days ago, she found out that he killed her dong on purpose.

Her husband fed her dog chocolate in order to end her life, and it’s all because he didn’t want to have to spend more than $5,000 to ship her dog to a different country they are moving to soon.

“He hated my dog when I first got her when we were dating,” she explained. “She was 10 months old, I got her from a rescue shelter, he hated her when I first adopted her because she wasn’t properly trained. (That isn’t her fault, she lived out in the street and never really had an owner).”

“It took me a year to train her, he started liking her after I trained her.”

“So I thought he finally loved her because he would spend time with her, he would give her hugs and kisses and buy her a bunch of things and even pay for her medical expenses. He even went half with me to pay her 5K transport fee.”

“She was 3 years old when he killed her. She is my emotional support animal as well. I went through severe depression and my therapist recommended I get a dog, I thought that suggestion was silly before but after I got her, she became my world and helped me with my depression, she helped me get out of bed, she gave me a reason to get out of bed every morning.”

Her husband completely knew how much her dog meant to her, and he also knew that they never spent any time apart.

She found out about what her husband did when she saw a text message on his phone where he confessed to his cousin.

In the texts her husband sent to his cousin, he revealed that he didn’t want to spend the money to transport the dog to their new country and that he knew she wouldn’t want to get rid of her dog.

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